The zone meal plan works on a less confusing method of measuring your food by breaking the macronutrients protein, carbs and fat into “blocks”.

Depending on your body size and what your goals are you can tailor the amount of blocks you are eating to get the result you want, be it fat loss, increasing muscle mass, or simply being fuller for longer and having More energy.

All you need is basic math skills, a kitchen weighing scale and a measuring cup you can get at the supermarket for $15.

Initially YES it requires a little bit of maths and patience but after a week you won’t have to refer to your arithmetic as let’s face it, we are creatures of habit and eat the same meals regularly.
Once you know what portion size is working for you, all that needs be done is repeating that.

It starts the day off and can make or break your day. Get it right! A good breakfast with the right amount of carbs protein and fat will keep you feeling full and concentrations levels at peak for 3-4 hours.
If it doesn’t? You need to tweet it…..including probably more protein and fat, meals high in carbohydrate and low in fat and protein will make you hungry an hour or so later.

One if my “go to” breakfast meals is really simple and I’ll break it down into blocks as an example of what to do. This isn’t the most perfect breakfast but if you try to be perfect all the time you will feel like a failure, so let’s start with a breakfast everyone can do.


On the zone I am classified as a medium male, there are also small/ large male, athletic well muscled male.. Plus the same for women. When you check the chart you can determine how many blocks you need and start from there.

I aim for 3 X 5 block meals a day plus 2 X 1 block snacks.

In a 5 block meal you need:
5 blocks of protein (5 X 7 grams= 35 grams protein)
5 blocks of carbohydrate (5 X 9 grams = 45 grams carbohydrate)
5 grams of fat (5 X 1.5 grams of fat = 7.5 grams of fat)

So I serve my meal based on these guidelines and for the breakfast meal it breaks down like this:

250ml of full cream milk = 5 blocks of fat, 1.3 blocks of carbs and 1 block of protein
70 grams of porridge = 3.7 blocks of carbs
1 scoop banana honey true protein = 4 blocks of protein

Therefor you can see I get my 5 blocks of each across those 3 ingredients.

In the gym we track our progress in strength and how much fitter we are getting by going faster in wods, but as you tracking your food?

If you’re serious about getting a result this is absolutely critical!

For more information about the zone and tracking your meals call Daniel 0433 540 427.

We will soon be running weight loss challenges that will require participants to zone track their meals with guaranteed results!