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We are a strength and conditioning facility dedicated to the CrossFit method. Our coaches are passionate, highly qualified and pride themselves on giving you the best CrossFit experience and want to see you achieve results. Whether you’re just starting to exercise, an experienced exerciser or want to make CrossFit your sport, we cater for you. 


We have a team of dedicated coaches who are passionate about health and fitness. It is our goal to get you healthy and strong.

Absolutely love this place!! I come here to have fun, stay fit an unwind from my workday.. Coaches are A grade, they are passionate and always want the best for their members.

CrossFit Gym Penrith

What you can Expect

Our workouts are short and intense incorporating gymnastics, Weightlifting and cardio based exercises.
Whether your goals are to achieve/maintain general health and well being, weight loss, sports specific performance, stress management, competing in CrossFit competitions and/or general strength and conditioning. We want to meet you!

Our group classes are fun and motivating and each workout is tailored to your needs. Unlike most gyms, we are more like a family. You will be coached and encouraged to ensure you get the best results and minimise the risk of injury.

The training is challenging, rewarding and will get you into the best shape of your life.
The group environment is supportive, friendly and will push you to perform at your best.

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