*Typical long post from me*

I train alone a lot of the time, when I train alone I find myself calling “no rep”. No one is around, the only thing Im “competing” with is the clock, and what I sometimes experience feels like a slight form of torture.
I do it because integrity is important to me. When I write down a time, a number of reps, or a weight, even if it’s just on the whiteboard that I’m going to rub off, I want it to be legit. I want to know that everything I did was held to the highest movement standards possible, and To be honest with you I would love it all of you were to do the same.

Us coaches do our best to keep an eye on you, but we honestly cannot watch every rep of everyone’s workout. Miss the wall ball target? No rep yourself. Chin doesn’t go over the bar? No rep yourself. When you cheat range of motion you’re only cheating yourself. I totally understand that not everyone wants to “compete” in CrossFit- a lot of you do it as a way of keeping fit and as a bonus it’s fun and it’s social for you. Us coaches will RARELY no rep you purely for that reason. We will encourage you to get a little deeper in your squat or to pull a bit harder to get that chest to hit the bar but we will never DIScount that rep. That’s up to you and we leave it as your choice.

Personal integrity I would imagine matters to all of you- if not all -lol – a lot of you at least and I know for a fact the integrity of the scores matter to a lot of you too- otherwise you wouldn’t check them and question/ask how a person got that many reps or that time…..

I want personal integrity and the integrity of the scores to matter to you. I don’t mean I want you to get “caught up” in the scores- that’s not what I am saying at all. I want you all to give us the score you got knowing you performed every rep to the absolute best of your ability- even if it’s not necessarily meeting the range of motion. (I know some of you have injuries or mobility issues that prevent you achieving full range- im not being contradictory to everything I just said- if you have the ability to go full range then do it!)

Don’t let your desire to “win” get in the way of the high level of character I know you all have, or interfere with the primary goal here, improved fitness!

With all that being said with the CrossFit Open just around the corner, it’s such a fun time of year to be a little bit competitive and see where you rank among thousands of crossfitters out there.

CrossFit HQ will release a workout every week and for those 5 weeks, each movement will have very SPECIFIC movement standards that we MUST adhere to, to maintain The integrity of our gym. A lot of the time people will say “it doesn’t even matter we’re not trying to get to regionals”- I understand that but that’s not the point. We are going to follow the rules and know that we participated and did everything the way it should be.

Don’t get caught out during the 5 weeks of the open with no reps! If you’re unsure if the way you currently do something is a “no rep” or not, ASK US! That’s what we’re here for! We can help you ?.

If you’re still reading, THANK YOU ?


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