For all of us that didn’t qualify for Regionals, we have begun the CrossFit off season.
There will be some local comps to look out but our main focus now is to creating a new foundation of strength and work capacity to take us stronger through to next year. Of course getting strong through also enjoying all the other movements and kinds of conditioning not found in the open.

A few people have asked me for personal programs to help with specific goals. If you are willing to put in the extra work you will reap the rewards. Always excited to hear your new goals so if you are interested in extra programming or PT sessions to improve your Olympic Lifting or develop a skill you are struggling with please ask.

This week is a testing week in our gym. I need to see where you are all at in the realms of strength in the major lifts, power in the fast lifts, 2 benchmark workouts to measure work capacity, some gymnastics movements and 1 long slow distance exercise.

This next 12 week cycle will target your squatting strength and pulling strength from above: pullups, muscle ups as well as a broad encompassing of all other skills. But the bias will be on squatting and pulling.

Of course every day will be different and interesting but you will see a distinct pattern in the programming that gives more volume to squatting and pulling varieties.

So get ready to get strong and have an ass you can bounce a coin off!

The members area on the mobile site is launched tomorrow. From tomorrow the daily scores and WOD will be only visible to members so make sure you log in so I can verify you. Log in and start logging all of your max weights and WODS in the “my records” area.

Please start booking in for classes using the booking system on the mobile site.  If you have any trouble using it please give me a call.

Looking forward to a great week!