The support you get from training with like minded people cannot be undersold.
In a CrossFit group class everyone is going through the experience together, although in a class everyone maybe lifting different weights or scaling the exercise to suit their own ability. The fight is the same and its a great talking point after every class.

The experience of trying your hardest to overcome the challenge in a group environment always brings out peoples best! We are a very kind and friendly group and love seeing each other achieve goals.







Two to three times a week our CrossFit class program involves team workouts, where you have the chance to work with someone in your class of similar ability to overcome the given task. Cheer hard for each other! Work hard for each other!
Its team spirit at its finest as you don’t want to let your partner or team down and work that little bit harder, its an excellent motivator.

At CrossFit Lower Mountains we have a saying “your workout is not over until everyone’s is..” Meaning we get behind each other and help everyone to do their best to finish.

CrossFit group training is for everyone whether you are just starting your fitness journey or have an athletic background.

Team work is what we are all about at CFLM.