Being able to do your first pull-up or muscle up is one of the most memorable moments in the first year of your crossfit career.
On the road to that achievement the skin in your palms toughens and thickens, calluses develop. badges of your hard work!

Then you learn to string a couple together and up comes a wod with 30 pull-ups and you get put your new found skill to the test without the assistance of the band.
This is usually when you will tear your hands IF you havnt been looking after your calluses and new tougher skin.

When you do rip your hands, yes it makes for some cool ‘look how badass i am” pictures of your smiling behind bloody fingers.
But it will slow down your weeks training as gripping anything for the next few days becomes a nightmare.

Here are the best methods I have found to prevent ripping and to repair your hands when they do tear.

1. Don’t lather your hands in chalk, too much chalk will encourage your skin to slide right off the bone. Less is more.

2. When a callus develops and gets bulky use nail clippers to cut the bulky skin off and use a nail file or emery board to keep the skin smooth.

3.Learn when to drop off the bar when you can feel your hands starting to rip, with experience you will know the feeling and being strategic can save your hands.

4. Use CrossFixe skin nourishment as soon as you have cooled down and your hands are clean. I have been using this product for 3 years and have not ripped my hands badly in this time. Crossfixe is made with 100% natural products, has a natural anesthetic to take the sting out and also toughens the skin whilst keeping it soft.

5. if in the event you do rip your hands. First cut the hanging skin off as soon as possible. Second clean the wound and let it air out, do not put a band aid or tape on yet! Put a wound size piece of the Crossfixe balm into the wound and watch how fast it heals. Usual turn around is new skin re grows within 48 hours and you can start training without tape again!

CrossFixe hand nourishment is available for purchase in our gym, or visit www.crossfitlowermountains.com.au and order from our online store.