In May our amazing Coach and friend Justine Beath competed at the Pacific Regional championships of CrossFit held in Wollongong NSW.

To reach this stage Justine came 3rd in the Pacific division of the CrossFit Open which had over 6000 female competitors. The Open is a highly contested event where over 5 weeks athletes are tested across a range of weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing and body weight movements across different time frames, the tests held weekly in their home gyms.

The CrossFit open is a worldwide fitness test in which athletes from any sport are welcome to participate in, and be judged fairly and accurately.

At the Pacific Regional Championships held over 3 days, in a field of the 40 fittest and strongest women from not only Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands but also Asia, Justine finished 4th overall.

An absolutely outstanding effort in which her performances wowed the crowd and made her one of the favorites to watch in each event.


In doing so Justine made her dream a reality and qualified for the world championships of CrossFit held annually in Carson, Los Angeles USA.

The top 5 male and Female athletes from regions across the world will travel to the Games in July to compete in a variety of events. Only 40 individual women qualify for the CrossFit Games each year so this is an incredible achievement for any athlete.

The CrossFit games are held over 6 days and  sees athletes tested across a broad range of time frames and fitness disciplines.
From weightlifting, gymnastics, track and field, strongman events moving odd objects to bike riding, swimming and water sports.

The athletes that make it to the CrossFit Games have proven themselves to be excellent across a wide range of fitness disciplines and are therefor known as “the fittest on Earth”

Justine has been a Penrith resident all her life, her work ethic, dedication and passion for fitness and living well have earnt her the respect of everyone she meets.
Justine is a passionate Coach, she continues to teach and inspire people on a weekly basis training and coaching from CrossFit Lower Mountains in Jamisontown.

Justine is an amazing athlete to watch, a ferocious competitor who at the same time carries humility and is so well respected by her peers. Her desire to always give her absolute best, her sportsmanship and good will towards her fellow competitors have made her an athlete we know all Australians will be proud to cheer for.

We are so so proud of Justine and proud of her to represent our gym and our area of the world!