Over the last 8 years in the fitness industry a lot has
changed. As a group and personal trainer I have seen the best weightloss results from my members at our gym CrossFit Lower Mountains.
Our members participate in highly motivating group classes, they lose weight , change their body shape and love training.



Lifting weights builds Muscle!
Every muscle fiber you get is a little fat burning engine,
Burning fat while you sleep!
CrossFit workouts involve multi joint compound exercises like running, chin ups, squats, deadlifts and rowing.
All these exercises are big energy burners.

In 15 minutes of a circuit involving 3 of these exercises you will burn more energy than 15 minutes of walking/jogging alone or doing smaller exercises in front of a mirror.

Our CrossFit group classes with our coach cheering you on will make you want to try harder, this is proven!
Training with like minded people produces faster and greater all round results.
In an environment where everyone wants to see you succeed your success is almost guaranteed.

We support a majority whole food diet with as little added sugar as possible.

Whole foods have one ingredient think… Chicken, almonds, an apple. Whole foods are packed full of what your body needs to have you feeling and looking stronger and leaner.

Our coaches are role models and will educate and motivate you to make good food choices that will make you achieve that weightloss goal. Our members love food and love to eat. When you train hard your body will thank you and you can reward yourself.

We do not turn down cake at parties 🙂