CrossFit training mimics movements humans have done for millions of years, lift heavy objects, drag things, push pull and carry heavy objects from one place to another, run,  move fast, get up quickly from the floor, climb and pull ourselves up over obstacles. Jump!


Yes there are fancy names for all of our exercises thrusters, muscle ups, farmers carry, but essentially we are retraining ourselves to do what we are meant to be capable of. All human beings should be able to be dropped into a jungle and survive.

If you’re body is not functioning optimally you will not survive in the concrete jungle!

Good coaches know how to move well and how to teach movement effectively and safely progress each person they teach to the next level of their development.

We are getting strong and our bodies are adapting to this new way of moving and therefor we need to fuel ourselves with the the best quality whole food we can afford, that’s where the Paleo/ whole food diet comes into play.

The Paleo diet can be summed up in this sentence ” Eat meat fish fruits vegetables nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar” I would add to that, drink only water. Or at least 99% of the time!

Choosing foods with one ingredient…steak, orange, sweet potatoe is an easy way to reference foods that are considered Paleo or whole foods, foods our ancestors could have hunted or gathered… Nothing from a packet or that has been added to.

Whole foods are jam packed full of all the good things you need fibre,vitamins, minerals quakity nutrients protein carbohydrates , fat and water with nothing you don’t need.


What happens when someone changes to the paleo diet?

  • Shopping becomes easier! Stick to the perimeter of your supermarket it’s where the majority of whole foods are, meat vegetables, fruit and seeds
  • Lose body fat fast! Taking sugar out of your diet has an immediate effect.
  • Seasoning skills increase- meats are never the same again as you find new and inventive ways to season your protein and make it taste amazing!
  • body composition changes and muscle develops faster, due to the increase of  quality protein and fat from coconut oil, nuts and olive oil. The body begins to show greater definition and cells communicate better with one another.
  • reduce incidence of colds and flu and other illness. Now so many more vitamins and minerals are being sourced from your whole foods. The body enables itsself to better fight infection and influenza.

The Paleo diet has been made popular through CrossFit boxes educating their members on the benefits of eating whole foods, in addition people with food intolerances do well on this diet as they can eliminate processed foods and further identify what is causing their conditions.

It is not a magic cure and you can still overeat on the Paleo diet, macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) are best measured initially using “the zone diet” measuring parameters based on exercise level and body mass.