CrossFit Lower Mountains is a group personal training gym located in Production Place Jamisontown, where people come to train in a supportive environment.

Every day we are practising different physical skills that are always interesting, rewarding, and challenge the body to get stronger and burn a lot of energy.

Our classes are highly motivating.
Whether your goals are weightloss, muscle tone or you are tired of the same old gym routine and want to learn some new skills!
Our classes will challenge you, change you and make you love fitness again.

CrossFit is infinitely scalable so no matter how new to exercise you are, you can perform the workout of the day and get stronger performing exercises suited exactly to your current skill level.

An example could be instead of push-ups on your toes, your start in class doing push ups off your knees.

Our coaches truly care and strive to make your class, the BEST hour of your day.

To come to a FREE trial class where you will learn some basics, see our gym, meet our coaches and do a brief CrossFit workout on Saturday morning at 9am call
0433 540 427